Hedgestown National School


The children of Hedgestown have a special interest in poetry and have written many lovely poems as well as fantastic stories and essays through the years. 

Well done to Eimear Leddy and Aoibhín Nulty on winning a Tree Poetry Competition in the Pearse Museum!2015


Wind by Sarah McKenna 2014 - Winner of the Willie Clancy Poetry Competition

Silent Cries of lost souls,

A groan of hushes screeching calling out for help,

Answered only by nothingness.

A Blustery gale lashing the rooftops,

Pouncing at any living breathing thing,

Defending it's stolen territory.

The trees whirl,

Casting their brancehes against each other,

Tallying for space that shall cease to exist.

They lower their heads in a petrified shame,

Feeling the full wrath 

Of the agonizing whip of their dark master.

A gusty terror howling outside

Whistling through the cracks,

Penetrating the walls of n insecure safety.

The first instinct you turn to is fear

And then to a nervous mistrust

As there is always a danger lying in wait

Heat stolen from life,

All but the shivering wretches remain

Still, Quiet, Tormented.









My Amazing Holiday

My name is Mia. I was on holiday. I went on a log ride. It was so awesome! I had a lot of fun. The log ride was my favourite.

I also went camping. I slept in a camper van. It was very nice. I slept on the top bunk. My cousin and I had a lot of fun. We even swam in a huge pool. I learned how to swim. We enjoyed playing on the big water slide.

One day we went to a fair. Snoopy was there. There was a Scooby-doo ride and I ate chips and a burger. My Nana won a big Minion teddy. She gave it to me.

It was the best holiday ever!

By Mia Donnelly age 8


7th September 2015