Hedgestown National School


My School Days 1936-1946


“I walked from Man o war to Hedgestown three miles down and three miles back. There was ten of us altogether

from the man o war. In Hedgestown there was thirty five students

at that time our teacher was Mrs. Mansfield from Lusk. She rode a bike to school with a basket made from rushes,with a days work in




On a good day we would bring our tables and work outside.Learning our lessons until finishing time.

She was a very good teacher, "Gave homework every day next day she would bring you up to the

black-board on the wall and you had to repeat your homework". Thursday was sums day you had to stand up at the blackboard and awnser the sum she gave you. To light the fire in the morning you had to collect sticks for her.

For your lunch you had to stand outside there was no second room”


By Barney Greene 8/2/14


Typed by Adam Greene